It’s summer time!

We have had a great summer so far! Our days have been split between spending time at the pool with friends, going to splash parks that have amusement parks management and several summer camps. However, our husbands wanted to do a more adventurous activity and bought a guide to selecting a kayak, they are really excited and are expecting to go kayaking very soon! Here’s a sneak peek:

The Wales have spent A LOT of time with us at the pool. I love that our kids are growing up together. I went to college with their dad, Korey. Their mom, Melanie, and I teach together. She has become one of my closest friends, we had decided yhis summer we are going to read some digital piano reviews so we can start taking our children to some piano lessons just like we used to. <3 We were also interested in online games and saw this list of all bingo games and looked at the reviews to see which ones have the best sign up offers and games to play with our families. If you want to know the recent success of gaming-related ICO, visit for more info.

Caegan waiting for the pass

It was impossible to get them to smile at the same time. 🙂

Yum! Ice cream sandwiches!

Caramel drumstick!

We will always try to show if is right for you, highlighting things like time limits and wagering requirements. The aim is to make everything clear, plain and easy to understand, especially our Terms and Conditions.

While Maggie was a LEGO and computer programming camp, Mason and I had a playdate with the Bordelon’s.

Maggie building her LEGO robot-a ferris wheel

Last week, while Mason spent some time with MawMaw Jo, Maggie had a playdate at the park/splash-pad with the Authements, Jones and Parks/Springers.

Sweet friends!

Maggie & Jillian



Swinging with mom

At the end of the week, we went to the PARDS splash-park with the Wales boys. We had a lot of fun this week, oh, and I also started working with the Indexer, which has been helping me find an agency for digital marketing!


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