Babysitter Reunion

This week, I went to Houston for the week to visit some friends. Shawn was on daddy duty and I was off! I stayed with Kerri and Devin, a couple I used to babysit for when I was in High School. I was able to visit with kids from 3 of the families that have moved away since:

  • The Edwards (Devin & Kerri – Landon, Collin, Eli)
  • The Wrotens (Kelvin & Robin – Morgan, Mason, Micah)
  • The Sellecks (Paul & Liz – Jordan, Summer, Joshua, Spencer)

These families mean the world to me! I watched these kids grow up and I love them as if they were my own. I probably spent more time at their houses in HS than I did my own, I remember how they would change their house furniture every summer and I’d go to wait for the Shiply truck to deliver all their new stuff. :-)Summer flew in from CA for a few weeks, but I didn’t get to see the Selleck boys. (Boo!) Summer, Kerri and I spent lots of time shopping, although he spent a lot of time looking for tips on how to regrow male hair naturally, luckily he did find an answer (Sorry, KK!)

We had a lot to celebrate this trip:

  • Collin & Mason just graduated from Spring High School in TX
  • Jordan graduated from Buena High School in CA
  • Summer will graduate from Buena in 2013
  • Landon just got a new job with Dell

We all met up for dinner at Chuy’s one night (Landon wasn’t able to go :-( , he started his new job just days earlier). Enjoy the pics!

Mason & Collin


Morgan & Summer

Summer, me & Morgan

Morgan, Summer, Mason, Micah, me & Collin

Robin, me & Kerri

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