Babysitter Reunion

This week, I went to Houston for the week to visit some friends. Shawn was on daddy duty and I was off! I stayed with Kerri and Devin, a couple I used to babysit for when I was in High School. I was able to visit with kids from 3 of the families that have moved away since:

  • The Edwards (Devin & Kerri – Landon, Collin, Eli)
  • The Wrotens (Kelvin & Robin – Morgan, Mason, Micah)
  • The Sellecks (Paul & Liz – Jordan, Summer, Joshua, Spencer)

These families mean the world to me! I watched these kids grow up and I love them as if they were my own. I probably spent more time at their houses in HS than I did my own, I remember how they would change their house furniture every summer and I’d go to wait for the Shiply truck to deliver all their new stuff. :-)Summer flew in from CA for a few weeks, but I didn’t get to see the Selleck boys. (Boo!) Summer, Kerri and I spent lots of time shopping, although he spent a lot of time looking for tips on how to regrow male hair naturally, luckily he did find an answer (Sorry, KK!)

We had a lot to celebrate this trip:

  • Collin & Mason just graduated from Spring High School in TX
  • Jordan graduated from Buena High School in CA
  • Summer will graduate from Buena in 2013
  • Landon just got a new job with Dell

We all met up for dinner at Chuy’s one night (Landon wasn’t able to go 🙁 , he started his new job just days earlier). Enjoy the pics! Out of all the courier companies that we contacted for some of their packages, we finally managed to find one.

Mason & Collin


Morgan & Summer

Summer, me & Morgan

Morgan, Summer, Mason, Micah, me & Collin

Robin, me & Kerri

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