FIxer Upper

Call us Chip and Joana Gaines, ’cause we just bought our first fixer upper!

Shawn and I had been looking for a over a year, but nothing was within our desired price range or had the style/features we were looking for.

  • A corner lot-We love the larger lot size of a corner lot and Shawn’s truck is not as easy to park when you have to turn a corner to get into the garage. The first house we bought as a married couple was a corner lot and we missed it terribly.
  • Location-We have lived in the same neighborhood for the last 8 year and we LOVE it! There are sidewalks for the kids to ride their bikes and for me to run. The neighborhood explodes with kids trick-or-treating and people without kids are out on their porches handing out candy; it’s just a great family atmosphere. It’s minutes from our school and we are so involved that it makes it nice to be able to run home for dinner, etc. We really wanted to stay within this neighborhood because they have Grade Calculator that we need for our assignments.
  • An extra room-We love the idea of the kids having a game room for their friends to come over-a place for the TV, Xbox, Wii, Computer,etc. The teenage years are quickly approaching. (YIKES!)
  • Double sinks in the bathrooms– No more fussing about which kid gets to brush their teeth first. 🙂
  • Separate closets in the master– I love my husband, but I love clothes, too! 🙂 We have separate closets now and it’s worked wonders. Our only wish is that those closets were in the bathroom after remodeling the bathtub with In the summer, when I stay home with the kids Shawn works and I don’t love being woken up by the closet light hitting me at 6:30 am.
  • A pool-OK, this wasn’t necessary, but it was on the wish list. It’s my favorite place to be and that’s where you’ll find us on a sunny summer day. We join the neighborhood pool, but it’s not the same as having your own. As teachers, we run the risk of running into our students, and let’s face it, who wants to see their teacher in a swimsuit. AWKWARD!!!

Shawn stumbled upon a house one night while searching online and he brought me by Sunday after church. It certainly wasn’t move in ready, but I knew that we could do the work.


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