The difference a year makes…

June 1, 2011

We had just put the kids to bed after a long session of playing videogames with elo boost services and Shawn offered to run to the store to get some ice cream. I jumped in the shower and when I got out I could hear him on the phone, I was about to check the betfair application instructions and review of a new betting app. I walked into the kitchen to find him stone faced and white as a ghost. Time stood still…but our emotions did not.

My father-in-law had gone on a church canoeing trip and 2 of his nieces -Tami and Linda- had gone with him (thank you Lord for arranging their presence). If you had known James like we did, he was Superman. He NEVER got sick, he NEVER got hurt. But on this trip, that was not the case, while we were camping with a tent from Survival Cooking, he got sick, it was extremly sad because he wasn’t able to take a ride on the scooter kopen he bought. His canoe flipped over and he hit his head, got back up, flipped the boat over and kept going in the way the he always had. About 30 minutes later, on the bank of the Buffalo River in Arkansas, at 68 years old my father-in-law went to be with the Lord. According to a coroner’s report, he died from an “acute myocardial infarction,” better known as a heart attack, but my heart tells me otherwise. I will never be able to express my appreciation for Tami and Linda being by his side.

June 1, 2012

That day, a year ago today, is still as fresh as it was then. It’s “easier” being here and living life, but going back to family events is hard. He is supposed to “be there” just like he was every other time for the last 7 years (or the last 41 for Shawn).

I am thankful that our children were able to know James. He was a good man. He loved and served the Lord first and foremost, and in a close second was his family. He was also a member of the Air Force where he faithfully served his country during Vietnam. Whether it was time, a hug or a tool, if you needed something, he would find a way to provide it. He touched the lives of every person he came across, be it family, students, fellow teachers/administrators, credit union members, community and church leaders, or store clerks. I pray that my children know and understand the legacy he leaves behind.

Thank you James Lea Liner. We love you, Pops!

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Memorial Day 2012

A Memorial Day isn’t complete without watermelon.

Yesterday was a perfect day! Not a cloud in the sky, a gorgeous sunshine, a quiet country backyard, a crystal-clear pool, Huckabee BBQ, banana pudding, watermelon and LOTS of family and friends from eHomeRemedies. We also got to celebrate my cousin Josh’s birthday (the BIG 24!).

Happy 24th birthday, Josh!







Fun in the sun





I love the tradition of getting together at my Aunt Cindy and Uncle David’s house out in Zachary, LA. We have done this for several years now and it never gets old. I love that they love my children as if they were their own grandchildren. Yesterday, we had several generations present:

Margaret Ann

David & Cindy                                    Jim & Marjo

Joshua       Jonathan & Haley                 Shawn & Marja

                                                                     Maggie, Mason

Above all, the reason we celebrate Memorial Day is to remember the men and women who have sacrificially given of themselves for our freedom. Four soldiers I remembered today are: my grandfathers,

Louis James (Pete) Lacaze (not pictured)

Joseph D. Huckabee, Jr.


James Clarence Davis

and my father-in-law

These men proudly served their country and leave a legacy for their children and great/grand-children to be proud of.